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Fox Cricket astonishes fans with an imminent technology
Fox Cricket

Fox Cricket astonishes fans with an imminent technology

Fox Cricket, the Australian based Sports company is set to pioneer an astonishing technology in the cricket world. The imminent innovation, the “Smash Factor” will cover unprecedented batting analysis. The technology will use an advance mechanism to provide the graphic work and stats, that the cricketing world has never seen before.

Boston-based company Divino, in conjunction with Microsoft and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has solved the issue by creating a sensor that weighs no more than a credit card that can break down and demonstrate every element of a batter’s technique.

Smash Factor will measure data such as bat speed, launch angle, shot power and timing, while the sensor will pick up vibrations off the bat to determine an accurate reading out of 100 for whether the player has hit the ball out of the ‘sweet spot’.

The smash factor will revolutionize the cricketing technology at a 360-Degree angle. This will add more charisma to the batsman’s game, giving them more opportunities to learn from their mistakes and work on them. Also, this graphical zenith will provide fans with a lot of interesting stuff to witness.