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Physically challenged player from Pakistan stuns everyone

Physically challenged player from Pakistan stuns everyone

Pakistan is home to an abundance of talent when it comes to the sport of cricket. The cricket-crazy nation is blessed with several youngsters vying to make it to the highest level. While some are fortunate enough to get into the limelight, others are not too privileged to get the requisite chances.

Amidst the backdrop of Pakistan’s cricket-frenzied landscape, another scintillating talent has caught the attention of social media. A video clip depicting a physically challenged boy executing a sublime leg-side flick has gone viral all over the internet.

The person in the video is seen standing in his one-legged stance and meeting the ball with the middle of his bat, once again showing there is no alternative to passion for the sport even if someone is suffering from a physical disability.

The Pakistani boy’s immense dedication to cricket is a lesson for everyone and parallels can be drawn with similar inspirational stories. A couple of years ago, Shabir Ahmad Bhat belonging to Indian-administered Kashmir awed everyone with his brilliant batting while standing on one leg and stabilizing his stance with the help of clutches.

Another example is of 24-year-old Syed Sher Ali Afridi, a one-legged cricketer from Pakistan who declared his admiration for Shoaib Akhtar. Despite his limp, he manages to generate steep pace and is part of Pakistan’s Disabled Cricket Team.