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Being vegetarian is a personal decision: Virat Kohli

Being vegetarian is a personal decision: Virat Kohli

Many cricket fans and other sportsmen idolize Virat Kohli not just because he is a great player but because he is super fit. Recently, the Indian captain disclosed the reason behind his sound fitness. Virat revealed on Twitter that he has turned vegetarian for the last couple of years which has helped him improved his fitness.

In a video message Virat talked about the perks of being a vegetarian. “A lot of people opposed me when I decided to turn vegetarian. They told me that you won’t have the required energy to play any kind of sport. But I broke the stereotype and took my own decision. I have never felt better in my life since I turned Vegetarian and I am proud of the decision I took”, Virat said.

Moreover, he inspired his fans by telling them that, “the boundaries are in your mind and if you can break them it will become possible for you to achieve special things”. Kohli is an exemplary sportsperson with incredible fitness. His running between the wickets and effortless fielding highlights the fact that he is one of the fittest cricketers at the moment.