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Sachin Tendulkar shares radical views to revamp interest in ODI cricket

The Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar shared his radical views about revamping the interest in ODI cricket. The legendary batsman proposed a unique way to revitalize the one-day format. He said that the 50 overs should be divided in 4 innings with 15 minutes break between each innings.

Sachin highlighted that this innovation can be inculcated in the Indian domestic structure and if it goes successful then it can be implemented in the International circuit as well. Explaining the idea further, the 50-over format should be divided into four innings each consisting of 25 overs. Let us consider that Team A takes on Team B.

After Team A has completed its 25 overs, Team B will have the chance to bat. After the 25 overs of Team B, Team A will kick-start their next innings from the point they left at the end of their first innings (with whatever wickets left). If Team A is bowled out within its first 25 overs then Team B will have the chance to chase the target in their both innings together (in short 50 overs).

According to Sachin, this innovation can help the teams counter with dew effects and the rain. He highlighted the limitations of the Duckworth and Lewis method and said that this method is not easy to comprehend. Therefore, this idea can be more suitable in dealing with rain interruptions.