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Virat Kohli reveals his interest in food ventures

Virat Kohli reveals his interest in food ventures

The Indian captain Virat Kohli is deemed as one of the best cricketers ever to play the game. Recently, Virat has revealed another interest apart from cricket in an interview. Virat Kohli highlighted that he is pretty much interested in the food ventures.

He told the interviewer that he developed the interest in food business in the recent times. Hailing from a Punjabi family, Virat said that the good food was always part and parcel of his life. The Indian captain opened a restaurant in Delhi and he also has partnerships in other food businesses across India.

“Food business is a no brainer and this is the reason why I decided to invest in it”, Virat told in an interview. Virat’s restaurant in Delhi has a specific menu named “Virat’s favorite”. This menu is parallel with the fact that the Indian captain has turned vegetarian.