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Everything you need to know about Hafeez and Shoaib interview

Everything you need to know about Hafeez and Shoaib interview

Pakistan’s former T20I captain Mohammad Hafeez was interviewed by Shoaib Akhtar on his YouTube Channel. The exciting interview revealed many facts about Hafeez and his cricket career. The Interview included the following insights:

• Hafeez on his growth as a batsman:

Pakistan’s all-rounder told Akhtar that he was not mentally strong as a batsman when he made his debut for Pakistan. “I feel like I was a better batsman but I could not deliver at that time”, he added. Moreover, Hafeez revealed that he worked a lot on his batting throughout that period and came back as a more useful batsman.

• On his comparison with Shahid Afridi:

Shoaib Akhtar told Hafeez that he always considered him as the modern-day Shahid Afridi but with a better technique because Hafeez had the power to strike the ball big. In reply to that, Hafeez said, “I had an element of timing in me but Shahid Afridi possessed the unparalleled power ability in the cricketing world. I have not seen a more powerful batsman in Pakistan than Afridi”.

• Hafeez on his nature:

Hafeez told Akhtar that being outspoken has always cost him as a cricketer. Whenever he tried to express himself in the cricket matters, it has mostly backfired. “I was not a media man and I also was not really close to the higher officials because I am not a “Yes man! person”. This thing always cost me”, Hafeez added.

• Hafeez on match-fixing scandals:

Shoaib Akhtar applauded Hafeez for never being involved in any petty scandals like spot-fixing in his cricket career. He also asked Hafeez about his stance on this issue. In reply to this Hafeez said that he was against everyone who inflicted harm to the integrity of Pakistan cricket. “I was never ready to play cricket with anyone who damaged the reputation of Pakistan cricket. Back in 2015-16, I took a stand against the comeback of few players but this backfired on me. I was told by the management that these cricketers will play if you want to play or not- decide yourself”, he added.

• Hafeez on his business ventures:

Shoaib Akhtar asked Hafeez about his new investments in the business world. Hafeez told the former Pakistani fast bowler that he is planning this for the future. “I have seen my friends in the past who enjoyed quality life till the time they played cricket but afterwards they struggled financially. I have invested in fruitful businesses keeping in mind how the future unfolds”, he told.