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Everything you need to know about the design of the Pink-Ball
Pink Balls

Everything you need to know about the design of the Pink-Ball

With the advancement of cricket, the gadgets of the game have revolutionized to a great extent. The light-weight bats, the high-quality cricket balls, and the zinger-bails bearing stumps have added to the beauty of the game. The quality of the cricket balls matters a lot in modern-day cricket.

The simpler these balls look; the more complex is the process of their formation. Apparently, the red-ball and the pink-ball looks quite similar, differing just in color. 

But the reality is quite different. Here is some important information you need to know about the Pink-ball used in day-night Test matches.

• The Pink-ball takes at least 8 days to prepare compared to two days for the red ball.

• It is made from imported leather

• The inner core of the ball is made of cork and rubber. It weighs 156 grams.

• It has a circumference within 22.5 cm.

• It has three stitches. Lip stitch and two pronounced stitches on either side each having 78 stitches.

• The pronounced seam helps better grip on the ball even when there is dew.

These significant distinctions from the red-ball have made pink-ball adaptable for the day-night Test cricket. Although the main purpose of the pink-ball is the better visibility under lights, yet the importance of these minute details cannot be sidelined.