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Failures do affect me: Virat Kohli

Failures do affect me: Virat Kohli

India’s captain, Virat Kohli whose career so far has been a huge success in every aspect of the game, opens up about the effects of failures on him. The man who hardly fails in the modern-day cricket talked about the let downs in his life.

"Do I get affected by failures? Yes, I do. Everyone does. At the end of the day, I know my team would need me. I had the feeling so strong in my heart that I am going to come not out and make India go through that tough phase (in the semi-final of the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup against New Zealand).

"But then again, maybe that was my ego talking because how can you predict something like that? You can only have a strong feeling or maybe it was a strong desire to do something like that," Kohli told local news network.

Virat talked about maintaining a legacy behind him and want other cricketers to follow it. "I hate losing. I don't want to walk out and say I could have done this. When I step out on the field, it's a privilege. When I walk out, I want to have zero energy. We want to leave behind a legacy that future cricketers will say we want to play like that," he said.

Virat had a wonderful campaign in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 as captain before India lost to New Zealand in the semi-final. He has done a great job for team India so far with his leadership skills batting performance.