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New domestic structure is comparatively better: Sarfraz Ahmed

New domestic structure is comparatively better: Sarfraz Ahmed

Pakistan’s former captain, Sarfraz Ahmed has hailed the new domestic structure launched by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Sarfraz feels that the competition between the bat and the ball has increased therefore making it a balanced game.

“There are 100 quality players in the circuit and this the reason why that the competition has improved. Moreover, the change of the ball has forced the bowlers to put more effort in their game”, Sarfraz said.

PCB has recently revamped Pakistan’s domestic structure and made few notable adjustments. The number of players in the circuit have reduced and the quality is being preferred over the quantity. Sarfraz also pointed out that the conditions for the batting has improved in the First-Class. Sarfraz, who was recently dropped from Pakistan’s National Side, is currently playing the domestic structure in order to regain his form.

Under Sarfraz, Pakistan won the ICC Champions Trophy back in 2017. Pakistan also excelled to the number 1 position in the T20Is. As the captain, Sarfraz had a phenomenal record of 11 T20I series on the trot.