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Ian Bishop slams use of verbal abuse in sport

Ian Bishop slams use of verbal abuse in sport

Former West Indies pacer Ian Bishop has denounced the excessive use of expletives by cricketers whilst engaged in play. The renowned commentator and analyst criticized the culture of verbal abuse in sports that is often overlooked by the authorities and especially blotches cricket, which is regarded as a “gentleman’s game”.

Bishop’s remarks give a very strong message to the current generation of cricketers, who are often seen indulged in bitter acts of sledging against opposing players. The 52-year-old comments also came at a time when England wicketkeeper Jos Buttler is being widely condemned for his use of swear words against Vernon Philander.

Buttler launched into a parade of swear words at Philander during the second Test match between England and South Africa, with his choice of vulgar language caught on the stump mics. Since the video leaked of his behavior, Buttler has faced censure from fans for his unprovoked rant.