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Altercation erupts after Under-19 World Cup final
India U19 vs Bangladesh U19

Altercation erupts after Under-19 World Cup final

Bangladesh made history by registering their first world title in cricket as they defeated India in a low-scoring thriller in the final of the Under-19 World Cup. Bangladesh’s moment of immense joy was spoiled by the unfortunate clash between players in the aftermath of the final at Potchefstroom.

The Bangladesh and Indian players came close to trading blows at each other when the victorious rushed out onto the field to celebrate the trophy win. The incident prompted the interference of staff members and match officials to diminish the heightened emotions. Later, Bangladesh players were reported to have been struck by bottles from the crowd while performing their victory lap.

Bangladesh captain Akbar Ali expressed regret over the whole episode and reiterated his commitment to upholding the gentlemanly values of the sport.

“As a youngster, it shouldn't happen. In any position, in any manner, we have to show the respect to the opponent, we should have respect for the game. Cricket is known for being a gentleman's game. So I'll say, I'll be sorry for my team,” he said at the press conference.