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Pollock recalls the fear of facing Akhtar
South Africa

Pollock recalls the fear of facing Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar was one of the most lethal pacers of his time, managing to consistently rack up high speeds. He was a nightmare for all opposition batsmen as his rapid pace terrorized players and his penchant for darting in thunderbolts kept the batsmen on their toes.

Opining on the threat of Akhtar’s sizzling pace, former South African captain Shaun Pollock revealed that his team often breathed a sigh of relief after the end of the Rawalpindi Express’s spell in a match. Pollock claimed his team used to keep an eye on Akhtar’s overs while planning their innings.

"When batting we used to watch the Pakistan captain to see how many overs Shoaib Akhtar had left in his spell. When he'd get the signal that he was out of the attack, we would think, Yes!" Pollock told Sky Sports in an interview.