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AB reveals the first meeting impression of Kohli

AB reveals the first meeting impression of Kohli

The former South African batsman AB de Villiers revealed the first impression of his Royal Challengers Bangalore mate Virat Kohli on the live Instagram session with him. The two got together on Instagram and shared their cricketing memories.

During the session, the fans got to know many interesting stories between the two players. Firstly, Kohli talked about his first meeting with the Proteas star. The Indian captain said that he met AB in 2011 when he was first selected for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).

“I remember the first time we met after you were picked up by RCB. It was in Johannesburg and we came down the tunnel. You guys were finishing practice and we were just starting ours.”

“I came and said hello and said we are going to be teammates and you were like 'I am excited for that'. Such brief chat. 9 years we have been such good friends and such a great journey. Yeah, it's been wonderful,” Kohli said.

After this, it was AB de Villiers who went down the memory lane and shared the first impression of Virat Kohli. AB revealed that he did not trust Kohli initially, but it did not take long to know him.

“It's an interesting story because it is a very human thing to do when you hear about someone for quite a few years and Boucher had told me a lot about you,” de Villiers said.

“I certainly remember walking up the tunnel and even though I said hi but I didn't trust the guy yet. I have seen the hair and seen the style but it didn't take me long to get to know you better,” he added.