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Kohli reveals how Kirsten and Boucher let him grow

Kohli reveals how Kirsten and Boucher let him grow

The run-machine Virat Kohli reveals how Mark Boucher and Gary Kirsten made an impact in his cricket life. Currently, Virat is one of the best batsmen in modern-day cricket. He evolved as a great batsman over the years and it was due to the contributions of certain individuals.

Kohli disclosed how Kirsten helped him when he first got into the Indian team. Gary Kirsten was the head coach of the world-cup winning Indian team in 2011. Kohli said that Kirsten assisted him in countering some of his technical problems.

Virat first talked about former India coach Gary Kirsten as he said, “I can remember a few people, who sort of growing into my career (who had a lot of impact)… Gary (Kirsten) was obviously the first coach that I interacted with when I entered the Indian team and he gave me just positive advice.”

Moreover, Kohli also mentioned how Mark Boucher motivated him to work even harder back in 2008. “He (Boucher) was the one guy who told me in 2008 that when I come to India 4 years from now to do commentary and I don’t see you play for India I’d be the most disappointed man in the world.” he said. He also mentioned how Boucher helped him in playing short balls.