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India to take adamant steps for making Ind-Aus series happen
Australia vs India 2020

India to take adamant steps for making Ind-Aus series happen

The novel coronavirus, which has taken over two hundred thousand lives, has halted many activities across the globe. Under such a vulnerable situation, the sporting events have also been suspended, making life difficult for the fans stuck in quarantine. However, news flying from India has given a ray of hope to the cricket fans who anxiously wait for the sport to resume. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Cricket Australia (CA) are in constant efforts to create a win-win situation for both the countries.

Sources reveal that the BCCI official stated that the Indian team is ready to go under a two-week lockdown to make the Australian tour possible, which is six months away from now. The full-fledged tour will encompass all three formats; however, the number of games being played can be altered. While the board official also feels that the men's T20 World Cup seems unlikely to take place in October, he backed India's chances of touring Australia for mammoth combat.

The BCCI official said in a statement that the Indian captain Virat Kohli will be willing to adopt strict measures while preparing for the hectic series against Australia, and the other team members will also not shy away from the challenge that awaits them.

"Two weeks is not that long a lockdown. That would be ideal for any sportsman because when you are in quarantine for such a long period, then going to another country and having a two-week lockdown; it would be a good thing to do. We'll have to see what the norms are posted this lockdown."- the official said. Still, the official statement from the two boards is yet to be released.

Considering the global flight restrictions, the boards will have to adopt exceptional measures to bring the Indian team in Australia weeks before the series starts, this might also include the use of chartered planes. Moreover, Cricket Australia has already claimed that they dearly expect the series to take place concerning the financial losses to the board. The postponement of the T20 World Cup can be a massive setback for the Cricket Australia, being the host nation. Under this situation, the board sets its eyes on the much-awaited series against India seeking some financial stability.

Fortunately, the condition of the COVID-19 in Australia is relatively stable, with around 7000 positive patients reported and with the country opting for a 6-month lockdown, which makes the country a suitable venue to tour whilst the health crisis.

BCCI is not the first board to indicate some signs of cricket, recently ECB has also signaled its players to prepare for the Pakistan and West Indies challenge in July and August while taking strenuous health measures. While the coronavirus endgame is by no means near, some positive signs from the cricket world have started to create an optimistic mindset in the cricket community.