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Ian Chappell proposes a radical change in LBW rule

Ian Chappell proposes a radical change in LBW rule

Former Australian cricketer Ian Chappell was critical of the LBW rule and proposed a radical change in the LBW rule. According to Chappell, the batsman should be given out if the ball is hitting the wicket regardless of where it is pitched.

“The new lbw law should simply say: ‘Any delivery that strikes the pad without first hitting the bat and, in the umpire’s opinion, would go on to hit the stumps is out regardless of whether or not a shot is attempted”, Ian Chappell wrote in his column. He added - “Forget where the ball pitches and whether it strikes the pad outside the line or not; if it’s going to hit the stumps, it’s out.”

According to the existing rule, the batsman is given the benefit, if the ball is pitched outside the leg. Chappell feels that although it will give a nightmare to the batsmen, it will make a positive competition between the bat and ball.