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Sachin Tendulkar shares advice for cricketers in quarantine

Sachin Tendulkar shares advice for cricketers in quarantine

The world is currently at a standstill position as the mass outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the way life was known. Recording more than 4.3 million cases across the world, the pandemic has taken the lives of approximately 290,000 people. Therefore, cricket activities have also been suspended as cricketers are in quarantine.

However, it is hard for many to spend life in a way that remains unknown to many. Nevertheless, former Indian batsman, Sachin Tendulkar has come forward with a piece of advice for all the cricketers to utilize this time properly and urged them to stay connected with cricket.

First of all, he welcomed the break for many athletes because of being involved in cricket matches constantly. However, he believes that both the batters and bowlers can do physical drills at home to keep themselves in shape. Not only that, but the former Indian skipper also highlighted the importance of reflecting on past mistakes to become better players and do well in their future assignments.