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Holding unsure regarding usage of natural substance to shine the ball
West Indies

Holding unsure regarding usage of natural substance to shine the ball

Former West Indian player Michael Holding is unsure regarding the use of a natural substance to shine the cricket ball. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the speculations are that ICC will ban the use of saliva to shine the ball. However, according to other news, the use of a natural polish might come into play.

It is going to be difficult (for bowlers). The natural inclination for any bowler, once he gets that ball in his hands is to apply saliva or apply sweat and then put it on the ball, that's natural" - said Holding.

"Obviously over a period of time, you will learn, and you will adjust. I'm hearing talks about producing some sort of polish that the umpires will take, will keep and you shine the ball in front of the umpire. I am not too sure how that's going to work, to be honest" - he said.

Holding is unsure whether the shine will affect the grip of the ball or not. "What sort of polish is that going to be, will it be something that sticks on your fingers, will it be slippery, because if that is something that is slippery, you don't want to be having slippery fingers, to grip the ball it is going to be more difficult, I am waiting to hear all the details."

However, the former player is assured that things won’t be the same post-COVID-19 era. The cricket won’t be played by the same rules anymore, or at least for a considerable period of time. “It is going to be a different world and as far as I am concerned it will be a logical nightmare to keep all those things in place"- added Holding.